Brenda laughing with a student.

How the Spirit Is Moving...

Hear from Our Clients

"I loved your class and felt very nurtured and free to be me. The movement to prayer opens a part of me that isn't open normally, and I feel more connected to myself and the Lord. The time always goes so fast, I feel like I could do it all day. Thank you for offering this to all women. May God bless you beyond all comprehension for the ministry you are growing." Lori

"This is the only exercise I have stayed with, besides walking. I love it!"

"After a long day at work I sometimes find it difficult to think about working out; however, when I attend my pilates class I find such relaxation and accomplishment from my workout."

"The movement of pilates is very precise but yet so graceful."

"I love the graceful movement of pilates but my heart finds such joy ending the session with scripture."

"My pilates teacher challenges me to do more than I thought I could possibly do."

"I never thought I could be so graceful, maintain balance, and become more limber in such a short period of time."

Brenda dancing on stage with another woman.

Devotion in Motion workshops

In a Devotion in Motion workshop, participants explore movement and then use their movements to discover new depths of understanding Scripture and how God's Word speaks into their own lives. Workshops are designed to allow the movement of the body to open pathways into the heart and spirit. Through creative movement exploration and Scripture meditations, we come before God with our whole selves, body, mind and spirit.

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