Classes and Workshops

Brenda will work with you individually, designing your program to fit your body and your goals. She works to equip you with lifelong skills which will enable you to do your fitness practice on your own as well as in class.

Classes include mat Pilates, Standing Pilates, modern dance movement, and small props such as the Pilates circle, roller, bands, and barrels. Work on the Pilates Reformer and Trapeze Table may also be included.

The Spirit Moves workshops for churches and retreats can be designed to suit your needs. Workshops can be 2 hours long or can cover the span of a week-end. Please contact Brenda to talk about ideas and details.

Wellness Coaching...

is a partnership between a certified wellness coach and anyone seeking transformation in their health and well-being. Wellness Coaching is about living with intentional action, moving forward in the areas of weight management, fitness, nutrition, stress management, and spiritual growth.

Pilates for All Bodies

The Spirit Moves approach to Pilates includes modifications for all body types as well as Standing Pilates, making Pilates even more accessible and beneficial.

In a Pilates for All Bodies workshop, participants explore body image, delving into their feelings about their body and how they care for it.

The unique beauty of each body is honored as we explore what it means to be "sanctified through and through." 1 Thessalonians 5:23

Devotion in Motion

In a Devotion in Motion workshop, participants explore movement and then use their movements to discover new depths of understanding Scripture and how Godís Word speaks into their own lives. Workshops are designed to allow the movement of the body to open pathways into the heart and spirit. Through creative movement exploration and Scripture meditations, we come before God with our whole selves, body, mind and spirit.


An exercise program that is non-impact, gentle and safe. It offers fast, visible results and classes are small and personalized.


Wellness Coaching and Private Pilates sessions: $40/hour
Semi-private Pilates MAT classes: $15/hour per person (3 to 5 in a class)
Duette Sessions Including matwork and Pilates Apparatus: $20/hour per person (2 people per session)

Coaching and private sessions may be paid per session or monthly.
Semi-private mat classes are paid per month and require preregistration.

To make an appointment or to register for a mat class, please contact Brenda:
(925)890.7838 or

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